Aadhunik Industries is a manufacturing group company. Aadhunik Industries is pioneer manufacturers of Oil-well Drilling & Fracturing Chemicals in India. It has toll manufacturers and representatives in UAE, Europe, Canada & USA and agents & customers in all countries like USA, Canada, Europe, UAE, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai etc.
Aadhunik Industries and/or associated manufacturing units are
REACH pre-registered, ISO-9001:2008, ISO-22000:2005 HACCP certified, Crisil Rated SE 3B.
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Oil Well Drilling Fracturing & Fracking Clay Stabilizer Manufacturer

We are suppliers and manufactures of Shale Gas Chemicals and Fracturing Oil Well Fracking Drilling Chemicals as under:

Reservoir rock often contains clays with many different structures. Clays contain ions like sodium. These ions dissolve in water resulting in clay instability and swelling. When clay swells, the passage of liquids, drilling or fracturing fluids and hydrocarbons, is diminished. Clay stabilizers reduce clay swelling. They function through ion exchange, where the clay stabilizer provides ions to replace washed sodium. Potassium chloride KCl is commonly used to reduce clay swelling. Potassium chloride is often used at levels of 2–4% and requires handling at the site of use to prepare a solution. In addition, potassium chloride can be incompatible with other materials, impeding mining process. Clay stabilizer is a chemical additive used in stimulation treatments to prevent the swelling of clay particles. They act to retain the clay in position by controlling the charge and electrolytic characteristics of the treatment fluid. Clay stabilizers adhere to the borehole wall the surfaces of drill cuttings. This effectively seal their surfaces and inhibits their reaction with the fluid, minimizing sticking, swelling, and sloughing, and increasing borehole stability.

In general, most of petroleum reservoirs contain clay/shale minerals; i.e. iron based, sodium based, and aluminum base. It is of most importance to protect the water sensitive clays from becoming a damaging threat to permeability by swelling and/or migration.

Clay Sté 75™ offer an attractive alternative. It serves as an effective temporary clay stabilizer / KCl substitute for the smectite, illite and mixed layer clay minerals, those commonly found in formations.
Clay Sté 75™ is a permanent Clay Stabilizer by inhibiting clay swellings and mitigation.  Its performance is guaranteed by exemplary results in Capillary Suction Tests and Roller Oven Testing.
Clay Sté 75™ is a liquid product designed specifically for use as a replacement for solid potassium chloride (KCl). Clay Sté 75™ is biodegradable and it has only a small fraction of Chloride. It does not suffer from crystallization issues when used in a brine solution in cold.
It is Compatible with brine, calcium chloride, potassium chloride solutions as well as all known fracturing fluids, cross-linkers and breakers.
It is non-toxic, low viscosity liquid, readily available to be used directly at the site of use eliminating time for pre-mixing and saltwater disposal costs.
It has superior performance and use at much lower levels (0.3–1% vs 2% for KCl, depending upon the mineralogy of the formation)
Clay Sté 75™ is non-toxic, low viscosity liquid, readily available to be used directly at the site of use. This ready-to-use availability eliminates time for pre-mixing and any saltwater disposal costs.
Clay Sté 75™ is a high active, clay stabilizer liquid. This highly soluble material can be used in all environments and does not suffer from crystallization issues when used in a brine solution in cold climates.

Clay Stabilizer India Manufacturer

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